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"Everything is predetermined, but there is freedom of choice".

Tarot cards had assisted him in conducting people to success, give them problem-solving tools and enlighten their path.

The reading

  • The main goal of the reading is to reflect strength zones, reflect the restrictive weakness zones and supply tools to empower the strength zones so as to enable successful coping, progress and development.
  • The reading is energetic. Distance and non-physical presence enhance the energetic effect. I don’t know you, and the fact that you are not physically present forces me and enables me to connect to the energies with greater focus. The result: a richer and more powerful reading.
  • I am not a fortune-teller. The reason is that there are current existing energy directions leading to a future result. You have the opportunity to relate to that, to make decisions accordingly and change the energies’ quality, type and dosage by deciding to use other energies. Therefore, you are capable of changing the result and by doing so, you future and destiny. The future is not constant. There are constant universal truths a person is unable to change, such as universal changes periods, but he can change the direction in his own life.

    “Everything is predetermined, but there is freedom of choice”.

  • The reading provides me with coping tools. At the energetic level, the psychological level and the physical level. The picture revealing while reading enables the provision of corresponding development tools.


  • The reading is conducted in real-time in the presence of the reader and the readee. The readee is requested to arrive open and in his/her current best. Don’t arrive sceptic, because it will stop the reading. Please examine what is being said and decide if and what to accept after the reading. Hereby I am loaning you my energetic systems and your preliminary willingness is important for better results. Everything said in the reading is an option being opened and the reading is “on the table.” You are requested to examine what arrives vis-à-vis your life in the level of feelings, facts and your inner approval and voluntarily choose what you would like to embrace and implement. Please allow at least three days after the reading to enable your systems to respond. There are slower systems in a person’s energetic fabric.
  • The reading will be conducted in a predetermined convenient time for both sides. Please avoid background noises while reading. You are required to be the only one present in the room where you receive the reading. Another person’s presence will damage the quality of reading.
  • All readings are conducted by me with no exception. In most cases I use one deck of cards and sometimes add other elements to assist the preliminary connection. You are requested to save time in the attached calendar and fill-in details. That is all. Be present at the time of reading. That is all what is required.

                                                                      Sincerely, Jester Mike

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