Policies of Online Tarot Reading with Jester Mike

  •  No refunds. After transfer of money, Please set time with me through mail jestermike11@yahoo.com.
  •  If you like to change the time, it will be possible to do so for one of the available dates and not less then 24 hours before the set time
  •  Non-appearance for the reading will be deemed as a reading for all intent and purposes. In case I will not be able to reach the reading, I will send a preliminary notice with a request for time change. In this case, if we will not find a suitable time, the money will be refund.
  • The reading can be transferred to someone else with no additional payment, provided his details will be send on time. In case the details will not be send on time, the switch will not be accepted.
  • The reading can be recorded. Reading is providing reflection, development tool and direction put “on the table” for the readee. This person is solely responsible for using what is said in the reading or its results. The reader will not be responsible in any way or meaning for the reading results.
  • Reading lasts 30 to 40 minutes. Arriving late for a reading will cause less reading time. Preparation and punctuality are crucial for a successful reading.

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